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Welcome to the Coyote Regions wiki. Coyote Regions is comic that was created by Nia Anglade. This wiki the information about the characters and the story.


Coyote Regions was created in September 14, 2013 in which the first series was created. It was first posted on Instagram by the creator. In 2014 the comic was posted in pinterest, YouTube, and Google plus. In November 2014, the comic went to break till January 2015 when the Coyote Regions comic return, but later on hold. In July 27 2015, the comic develop a Coyote Regions shorts(but this is different from the original one), but was put on hold when the Part 1 was being worked on. In 2016 the comic was on break, but came back in the summer along with the shorts. In 2017 the comic was later renew and had some chapters.


A female coyote name Eclipse take over the West Regions and plan to take over the other regions(North,East ,West,and South Regions) when she finds a black key that hold dark power. She uses it to control the other coyote and things worst . A male coyote named Night stops her from taking over the four regions.

  • This is comic was created a few months before Alpha and Husky Tales.
  • This comic took place in the desert.
  • This is the only comic that doesn't feature dog and cats characters.
  • The comic was originally meant to have two parts, but it ends up getting four parts.
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